Thursday, 11 February 2016

Advantages, Features and Benefits of Online Examination System Software

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If you are conducting any test or exam by using information technology then it is known as online examination. This system is also getting more popular these days. 

This system is basically beneficial for those that want to fasten the speed of their exam system. We can see the impact and increasing popularity of this software system in the government exams. Through this process you can also speed up the process to give the results of participants. Today many organizations are providing the facility of online examination system worldwide successfully.

This software provides help in conducting, creating and evaluating examinations. For large organizations it is possible to have easy maintenance of large database and records of questions. Internet will be used as a channel for conducting and disseminating tests, thus maintaining a unique pattern for all the examinees throughout the organization. In many exams you can get the results after the completion of examination. It is also very helpful for faculty members to make question papers.

There are so many featured benefits of online examination system over traditional system. Just look out these benefits:

- It decreases long duration costs.

- Comparatively required less physical space - a huge number of answer sheets put away on a data disk at server which required less physical space than paper answer sheets.

- Another not entirely obvious advantage of online exams is the pleasure and fulfillment that understudies get by utilizing the web to turn upward course materials and learn course material.

- The last real advantage of online examination is the "paperless" part of PC assignments and examinations. Putting course materials online results in noteworthy cost funds: paper, duplicating, and appropriation costs are all lessened or wiped out.

Features of the Online Examinations are as follows:

- Examination Instructions: The examinations directions will demonstrate the premise contents of the examination and something that ought to be paid consideration on. Generally the accompanying components, for example, passing rate, downright inquiries, full score, time limit, passing score and so on are incorporated into the guidelines.

- Accessibility of the Examination: Present records and passwords can be set to secure the content. Furthermore, members can enroll themselves on the web.

- Valid Time of Examination Content: The members can sign in the examination system with their records and passwords to get to the pertinent page to finish the testing in substantial time. The examination will be distracted when the valid time terminates.

- Result Release: Time release or immediate discharge can be set to the examinations. For a few examinations comprising of target inquiries, the scores can be ascertained consequently when the testing is over. The examinees can see results instantly.

Let’s check out the advantages of online examination system:
1. Creation of exams
2. Supervision of examination
3. Marking of the exams
4. Security and confidentiality of question papers
5. Cost saving
6. Flexibility and Accessibility
7. Time management

8. Statistical Analysis

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