Thursday, 25 February 2016

Definition of Static Website - Advantages and Disadvantages of Static WebPages 2016

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Static website defined as:

It is referred to the collection of text, images into a web pages that are fixed or once made cannot be re-transformed by the end totally made up of the collection of different html pages and it provides the information which is written over the page and the information will not be change unless the changes is written into the code which is termed as source code.

When an end user request for a specific webpage from any web browser then it been provided by the server to the web browser.

Advantages of static webpages:

  • It is cheapest to develop, host the websites when one have started the company with lower budget and with less no of web pages.
  • Better for companies with less no of employees since one person can easily manage to update the information.
  • Static websites are more easily malleable, because every pages can be modified accordingly if required to go on with the layout of the variable content, so designers are free to design every page with different theme and uniqueness.
  • Web hosting do not need to be updated.
  • Static websites are comfortable for promoting in search engines.
  • Static websites are easier to develop because they don’t use dynamic programming languages. If all you need is to put a textual content with some images on the site, a static website would ideally meet your demands

Disadvantages of static webpages:

  • Main problem arises  when data need to be updated, the person only have the knowledge of html able to make the changes, one need to go to the design method to get the content to be changed. This will be fewer headaches if a new page has to be added to the website.
  • If the changes are frequent then it will be more expensive in static websites. This is because any changes have to be made to pages individually. For example, if you had a menu item that appeared on every page that required amending, each individual page throughout the site would have to be updated.
  • It will be a problem if the designer is from some other company because end user or client then will not be unable to update the content.
  • Management of website can be done from single machine or system.
  • Static website is less elastic, for example if your company has products on web site and you have a lot of them then you may have to develop individual web pages for each one, which can take time-money-man force.
  • Sometimes static websites are seems to be sluggish because designing should be updated seasonally or it should be according to the taste of every user.

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