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Welcome Bloggers! In the world of digital marketing content has its own importance and nowadays with the changing policies of search engines digital marketers emphasising on content. There are few sites which are best suitable for your content type. We mean to say that how it will be if you have an online place where you can submit your content according to your niche such as technical blogs? Many websites have different types of features inside to provide facilities to the users and to give them a platform to submit their content. 

SearchByYou.org is an online place for you if you want to submit some content related to technology. With a long time we have achieved many successes. Searchbyyou is a web place for you where you can contribute your content and also you are free to search and see the content which is required by you. We help you in your contribution by providing a simple way.
We look at your content and if your blog is completing all the guidelines which are provided by us then we publish your content on our website.  Each submission is human checked on with a specific end goal to keep the web place clean, spam free rundown of websites. If you don't mind be patient as it takes a great time to review and survey every blog for quality! The website is also constantly being checked for dead or harmful links and for unwanted content in the blogs. These strides keep the nature of the Searchbyyou as high as expected.

Before submitting your content you must be aware about it that we only accept blogs which are related to the technology. So there is no need to waste your time to us a content which is not accepted by us. We are very strict about content quality and SEO measures. So you need to check and send your content in accordance with SEO guidelines. Many websites are coming daily for submitting your content but not all of them are stable because they are not reliable and confirm about their submission but it is not with us because we are not new in the market and we have a great online presence you can check it easily by relating the features of our website from SEO tools.

What makes Searchbyyou different? 

So how is Searchbyyou not quite the same as other content submission websites? Keywords. Your blog can show up on a wide range of pages all through Searchbyyou in view of the keywords used as a part of your content posting. Your website does not need to fit into a treat cutter classification structure used by most blog catalogs; you can pick whatever keywords those are pertinent to your content.

We respect your privacy but it also depends on you to check out the privacy policies of our website. We do not collect which is not useful for us we save only that information which is required to submit your blog to our website.


The purpose of Searchbyyou.org is to provide information about what is trending in the technology and to aware people about different technological changes. We provide a platform to those people who need traffic from their content. All types of technical related issues and content you can send to us. Our team is technology addicted. We love to see technology. People can come here to see and can be aware about what is and how is happening in the technology. We are the best website for those internet marketer and bloggers who know that how content is important in the digital marketing field.

Searchbyyou is something like a search engine for all technological niches. You can find all types of content here and have a great chance to contribute your idea to our website. Definitely we will publish it if it is as per guidelines provided by us. You can send blogs on any technical niche such as on mobile technology, any new update in the search engines and others. Always check out that your content must be perfectly matched with your title of blog because if the title and description are different then it decrease your content quality and produce hindrances in its approval.
You can think of Searchbyyou as the "Online Technology Rack" of the internet. Ultimately our goal is to provide users and viewers a perfect place where they can see and increase the traffic of your website form their content.

Searchbyyou has since quite a while ago centred on battling the ascent of fraud traffic and offering programming to make the offering of automatic simpler for publishers. In addition to incredible services and our broad blog directory, we additionally highlight a developing group to answer your blogging inquiries, and articles concentrated on helping you get the most out of your blogging knowledge. Our group of expert bloggers bring over many years of joined blogging background to the table, to give you master insight and advice. Searchbyyou is the best place to search such a best type of technology related blogs sorted by the Authors and their content. The Searchbyyou Top 100 rapidly turned into a pined for space for the Internet's tip top online blogs directory.

When it comes to submission charges then we want to tell you that Don’t Worry. We provide you the free submission facility. We do not charge anything from your to publish your post. Just follow the guidelines and make your content according to us. We are thankful to you for your attention about our website. You can send your content to us anytime with a single link only. We will check the content and also the link and if find all the things correct then we will publish it. As an outcome Searchbyyou proudly holds a place for bloggers who loves to write on technology.

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